Caritas and the global network - Caritas Danmark

About us

Caritas Denmark is a member of the global network, Caritas Internationalis (CI), founded in 1951. Through the Caritas network millions of people worldwide are reached – in the disaster-prone areas and in regions where a long-term development effort is required.

Larger than you think

With165 member organisations Caritas Internationalis is one of the largest players in the world when it comes to relief aid and development work. Caritas is ‘the helping hand’ of the Catholic church, reaching out to the poor, the vulnerable and those excluded, regardless of ethnicity or religion, to promote a world based on justice and equality.

Globally the Caritas network helps people in 200 countries and territories. Caritas provides education to children, fights for women’s rights, ensures the development of a sustainable environment and treats HIV/AIDS victims. The Caritas-network seeks influence at the very highest political level and works closely together with the UN system. The world’s poor are thus secured a voice at the table of those in power.

Caritas Danmarks role in the global network

Caritas Denmark prioritises the active support of a strong network and we are committed participants at several levels:

  • We seek influence with Caritas Internationalis through the General Assembly and Emergency Forums.
  • We are active in a number of international working groups.
  • We systematically nurture partnerships within the network.
  • We are a member of Caritas Europe and take part in regional conferences and management forums.
  • We are active in the Nordic Caritas collaboration.
  • We have endorsed the common values and management guidelines of Caritas Internationalis for cooperation with partners.