Vision, mission & values - Caritas Danmark

About us

Caritas’ work is founded on a Christian outlook on life and a Christian view of human nature. Caritas is actively engaged in building a peaceful and just world where the dignity of the individual human being is regarded as fundamental, and where the earth’s resources are considered a common good.

At the centre of our work is the message of the Gospel and the principle of the social teachings of the church to particularly look after the poor, those expelled or oppressed. Caritas’ goal is therefore to fight poverty and inequality, promoting human development, social justice and sustainability in a peaceful world.

”Caritas works for a world, where peace and justice rule, where the dignity of the individual human being is regarded as fundamental, and where Creation is considered a common good and a common responsibility”.

Caritas’ national and international work is based on this vision. The vision underscores Caritas’ affiliation with the values of the church.


Development: Through sustainable agricultural development and capacity building Caritas seeks to enable the rural poor to permanently break away from poverty.

Advocacy: Through information and advocacy Caritas strives to influence the political agenda creating a greater understanding of the problems that vulnerable communities in poor countries are facing, and draw attention to ways of action.

Emergency Aid: Through relief efforts Caritas works to secure a worthy existence for the needy and the refugees and for local host populations who are affected by large groups of refugees.


Caritas means love and charity. Caritas’ work is based on:
Respect: Each human being is unique, created in God’s image. Regardless of who we are, and what we believe in, we are all of same value. Caritas fights for the respect and protection of the equal worth of all human beings.

Community: We were created to live together and we are thus responsible for each other. Our obligation particularly applies to the poorest among us. As we advocate for the poor we can enhance their voice.

Solidarity: We were put in charge of Creation and must secure a just distribution of the world’s resources. Caritas therefore works to change the political and economic structures that cause poverty and inequality.