Our Work - Caritas Danmark

Our Work

We fight poverty and inequality

Millions of people worldwide are deprived of a sustainable livelihood due to poverty and inequality, although, since the turn of the century, many have been lifted out of extreme poverty.Out of respect for each human being we are obliged to share and manage Creation and be responsible towards each other, our globe, and future generations.

Through farmers’ organisations and sustainable agricultural production Caritas seek to ensure that the disadvantaged communities get access to sufficient and nutritious food. Through income generating activities the families are better able to pay for school fees, medicine and other necessities. Escaping the poverty trap, they are increasingly able to participate in advocacy work, raising their concerns with the authorities at local level.

As a rich country Denmark has a special obligation towards the world’s poor. We fight poverty and reduce inequality in order to create an equal and sustainable society in the countries where we work. It is a question of solidarity.

Our activities worldwide

Caritas Denmark’s international work is focused on four main pillars which all aim to contribute to achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs):

  • Urgent action in humanitarian disasters: Caritas Denmark provides prompt emergency aid to distressed people all over the world through Caritas Internationalis’ emergency appeal system. This system also includes the possibility of sending relief aid experts to disaster areas, both disasters caused by human and natural disasters.
  • We act on protracted humanitarian crises. We aim to restore and rebuild the most vulnerable people’s resilience, primarily within food security and improved living conditions: Providing health-care, food, water and sanitation.
  • We work on initiatives that combine long-term development aid and humanitarian response. In the longer term these initiatives aim to reduce humanitarian needs through activities which reduce or prevent future humanitarian disasters. We also work with conflict prevention between refugees and their host communities. We seek to mitigate climate change ensuring that vulnerable small-scale farmers can continue to cultivate their land and not be forced to migrate due to climatic change.
  • We work for sustainable development in rural areas through our local partners. There is a strong focus on creating farmers’ organisations to engage in advocacy as a tool to ensure longer term development for the poor rural communities.

Caritas Denmark has a the first development and humanitarian organisation in Denmark published all international projects from 2017 through the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) registry.

Caritas Denmark works towards creating the best possible results for the poor populations whom we strive to aid. This is done partly through evaluations and learning studies.

We save lives and rebuild local communities

Each human being is unique. Regardless of who we are, and what we believe in, we are all of great worth. Caritas fights for the respect and protection of all human beings. We seek to save human lives when these are threatened or in danger.

Natural disasters, many due to climate change, and wars threaten life. Caritas therefore provides humanitarian relief in the world’s disaster-prone areas, close to the people who need help.

Refugees on the run need protection. A temporary home, food and water and help against diseases are the most urgent needs to cover in order to save lives. In the longer term also education and job opportunities need to be made available. Rebuilding what they came from or integration into what they have become a part of in a new place are the focus of Caritas’ work.

Caritas is among the first on the spot when people need help close to their homes. We work with the help that millions of volunteers are providing in almost all parts of the world, because the Catholic church is universal.

For Caritas, the respect of life is a fundamental human right.

We support families and communities

We were created to live together, in a society. Nobody can live alone. We have a responsibility towards each other and towards our neighbour. The obligation especially applies to the most vulnerable in our society.

The primary human entity is the family. The family group and the close community constitute the first focus of Caritas’ work in its development and emergency relief effort. It is important to establish the best circumstances for both women and men, for children, the young and the elderly. The family reaches out to others and to the local community.

In Denmark we as society are in general individually oriented. But relationships and communities are necessary and need to be strengthened in order for all to thrive. Caritas offers PREP-courses which aim to strengthen couples’ relationships. And Caritas and the Catholic parishes help Au Pairs and refugees to be introduced into the Danish society in the best possible way and become a part of the local community and of society at large.

Caritas supports diaconal projects in the local catholic parishes throughout the country, focusing on solidarity with the most vulnerable.