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SOS Intercession

SOS INTERCESSION – We pray in unity


Call +45 5360 3818
Each Thursday and Sunday from 7 pm to 9 pm all year!


Do you feel lonely, have a close friend you would like to pray for, or have a problem you would like to share with someone who will pray with you? Then call SOS Intercession on +45 5360 3818.

At SOS Intercession, you can call and talk to one of our pastors or volunteers who will intercede for you and/or the person you want to pray for. No prayer intentions are too big or too small.

On the phone, you will be greeted by a fellow Christian who will listen to you; and who will pray for and with you.

“This year we have experienced that people have felt alone with worries about the future, health, and family. They have felt alone with worries, arising in connection with Corona or worries, problems and fears which would have been there even without Corona. Corona or not, there is a need for us to gather and pray together with and for each other “, says Stine Riegels Læsøe – volunteer activity manager for SOS Intercession.


Which prayer intentions can I ask intercession for?

Prayer is in the heart an act of faith, asking God to step in and trust that He is both willing and able to listen and help us. There are no intentions that are too big or too small – you can ask for God’s help in every situation.

Whether the prayers are for you or someone you know and love, we join you in your prayers regarding:

  • Health concerns
  • Loneliness
  • Finances or financial security
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Happiness
  • Peace and unity
  • Addiction
  • Grief
  • Strength and guidance
  • Help to recognize Gods presence in your life
  • And what else you have on your heart


Can you call SOS Intercession if you are not a Catholic?

Yes! We are here for everyone regardless of faith. Wherever there is a need, we serve. When you present your prayer intentions, you, or the person you are praying for, do not have to be Catholic or even believe in God for us to pray. Prayer can make us stronger and relieve our pain, especially in times marked by illness, suffering, and resistance.

“Praying is part of our mission in the Catholic world mission,” explains P. Quang of Missio. “We are convinced that prayer is very powerful, and that it connects us with God. When we pray, we look to heaven and acknowledge our dependence on God. When we address Him, we acknowledge the goodness of God with deep reverence and gratitude. You do not have to commit to the Catholic World Mission for us to pray for you. “

SOS Intercession is confidential, and you will not be asked to say your name or other information.


The intersession line is a prayer line. It is not therapy, but intercession with confidence in power of prayers said in the name of Jesus. Praying with faith means trusting that He will help, for Jesus has promised us that He will hear our prayers; “Whatever you ask in your prayers, you will receive when you believe” (Matt. 21:22) and “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am among them” (Matt. 18, thieves)

SOS intercession started almost 20 years ago in Sankt Nikolaj parish in Esbjerg. From November 2020, Caritas Denmark and Missio Denmark have taken over the prayer line run by activity manager Stine Riegels Læsøe.