Water is Life - Caritas Danmark

Water is Life

This year has been difficult for all of us, but 2.2 billion people finish 2020 without safe drinking water, and without being able to protect their families against life-threatening diseases.

You can change that – just one Christmas card gives a family in Uganda water for an entire year.

This year’s Christmas card helps families in Uganda access clean drinking water. In collaboration with SolarSack and local NGO’s, we make certain that your gift reaches the people with the greatest need. When you donate, we send you a Christmas Card that you can print and give to someone you love.

For 16 dollars, you give one family safe drinking water for an entire year.

For 32 dollars, you give two families safe drinking water for an entire year.

For 160 dollars, you give 10 families safe drinking water for an entire year.

Thank you for saving lives this Christmas. 



SolarSack has developed a water container that can clean water using only sunlight. The users fill the SolarSack with dirty water, leave the container in the sunlight.

After 4 hours of exposure to the sun, the water is safe to drink. SolarSack can purify 4L of water in 4 hours. It is reusable 500 times, providing 2,000L of purified water.