What we do in Denmark - Caritas Danmark

What we do in Denmark

Caritas’ Secretariat offers support to the catholic parishes in order for them to implement locally based projects. This may be financial support to activities, or sparring on ideas and plans for future activities. The local projects are mainly carried out by volunteers, for instance activities in asylum centers, or meetings for Au Pairs workers.

Our national work is focused on three areas:

  • To promote Catholics’ and all citizens’ participation in diaconal work
  • To improve conditions for Au Pairs and refugees
  • To support families and communities in need

Parish representatives

The Catholic parishes in Denmark as well as all the Catholic schools each have a Caritas representive appointed.

Diakonia projects

In several parishes there are projects that are supported by Caritas through the Diakonia funds. If you have a good project idea you may apply for funding together with the local parish.

Au pairs

Through the Au Pair Network and in collaboration with local organisations we establish social networks in a number of towns, holding information meetings. We work together with FOA and KIT and provide advice and legal assistance to Au Pairs.


PREP courses are on offer for couples – a preventive communication course preparing couples for the challenges that all couples experience.